About Protec Marine
Protec Marine PTY LTD was formed in 1994 after negotiations with the Southern Blue-fin Tuna Industry and the Australian Government. Both principles of the company saw the need for a flexible independent business to handle the complex task of counting individual fish into grow-out cages from tow cages for quota and husbandry purposes. Both principles before the formation of the company had been involved with the SBT Fishery since 1985.
  Tuna counting during transfer process

Since our first contract with the Federal Government in 1994, we have been responsible  each season for the counting of Southern Bluefin Tuna into grow-out cages for quota purposes. During our involvement with the fishery we have been at the forefront of development of almost all procedures adopted by the Federal Government and Industry.

Overseas tuna farm operations are beginning to realize the importance of knowing the number of tuna captured and transferred into and from tow cages. Our camera systems have been used since 1994 and give the user a reliable platform to record and perform counting operations in a sometimes harsh and unforgiving marine environment.