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Southern Bluefin Tuna Farm monitoring operations involves the accurate counting of individual SBT during transfers into static or grow-out cages. This also involves determining the weight of fish transferred for quota purposes.
e offer a consultancy service to Tuna Farm industries. Initially in the establishment process we are able to assist in the setting up the infrastructure for accurate and efficient fish counting systems.

Underwater Camera system filming tuna transfer

We can also provide the following products, designed to be used in live fish activities.
  • Portable Measuring scales - used for the measuring of fish lengths
  • Camera Control station and remote camera. Transfer operations can be monitored and recorded into DVD or VHS format.
  • Portable fish transfer gates - used for supporting the remote camera during the recording of fish transfer to grow-out cages.
  • Fish Cradle - specifically designed for the weighing of live fish with minimum of stress. The Cradle is also a stable platform for tagging operations.* See photos below - This equipment can be adapted to suit different fish species.

Fish Cradle use for tagging & measuring