Does building have to pass the building inspections?

Building Inspections

They are required to perform the Building Inspections:

•    Any building that is older than 50 years.

•    All buildings that hold the status of cataloged or protected.

•    Buildings for residential use included in the category “out of order,” without prejudice to the regime established.

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What is the Building Inspections?

It is a report made from Building Inspections that includes an opinion on your situation, and that analyzes three fundamental aspects of the building:

•    Conservation status through Building Inspections of the structure, roof, and common sanitation and supply networks. Tasks or tests will be carried out if necessary.

•    Accessibility for people with disabilities.

•    Energy efficiency with the completion of the corresponding Energy Efficiency Certificate.

The cost of the Building Inspections will be at the expense of the property, without prejudice to the subsidies or grants that may be granted.

Building Inspections

What are the objectives of the Building Inspections?

•    Identify the injuries and deteriorations and pre-diagnosis of the possible causes.

•    Classify, in order of seriousness, the detected evils.

•    Evaluate the importance of the damage.

•    Dictate the need to intervene, and recommend what is most appropriate.

•    Determine the necessary conditions of accessibility of the building in its accesses.

•    Perform the Energy Efficiency Certificate of the building.

Who must carry out the Building Inspections?

The formal obligation to submit the buildings to the Building Inspections falls on the natural or legal persons or public administrations that own them.

In the case of buildings subject to the horizontal property regime, and to comply with the obligations arising from this Decree, the provisions of current legislation on the horizontal property will be applied.

The realization of the building and pest inspections involves the presentation of the Building Inspections report and opinion issued by the inspector personnel before the City Council of the municipal area in which the property is located, with the content and, in the form and term.

The City Councils, in case of non-presentation of the building and pest inspections within the established period, may require the person who must present the document accrediting the realization of the Building Inspections within two months.

Once the staid period has elapsed without complying with the requirement, the City Council may act in a subsidiary manner and exercise its inspection competence, carrying out the Technical Inspection of the Buildings at the expense of the obligatory.

The inspector personnel, with the prior consent of the property and occupants, will access the dwellings and the various premises and dependencies of the building that has exclusive use at the time of the inspection, to enable the examination of the common elements of the building. Must be reviewed, by the provisions of current legislation.

Building Inspections

Procedure for executing the Building Inspections

1)    Contracting with Fascistic for the drafting of the building and pest inspections

2)    Application for Grants and Aid (state, autonomous community and municipal) with advice from Fascistic engineering.

3)    Data collection in real estate and Building Inspections emission by technicians.

4)    Realization of interventions requested in the technical opinion.

5)    Delivery of report and views to the corresponding City Council.

6)    The City Council will send the report and advice to the competent body of the Autonomous Community.

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