Tips for selling your pink diamonds and getting the most benefit possible

pink diamonds

It is possible that at some point in our lives, we need to sell pink diamonds (bright) for different reasons. Some people want to get rid of those jewels that remind you of a past relationship.

Others do it for a commercial purpose. Whatever the reason, especially if this topic is not well known, it is not something that we can take lightly.

It is convenient to approach this issue with caution and to learn well how pink diamonds can be sold and how to make sure that the price obtained by selling them is the best possible.

General pink diamonds sales advice

To sell the pink diamond pieces, nothing better than being fully prepared before starting the negotiation and the subsequent transaction.

The market for the sale of this precious stone is usually very formal in some cases, and depending on the place where you want to sell, the price to obtain can be either very low or very high.

Preferring security and integrity is also part of the decisions for sale. Some general tips for the sale of this gemstone are:

Find out the most real value of the piece according to the particular criteria

Most diamond-made jewelry also carries other precious metals embedded, such as gold or silver. Therefore, if you want, for example, to sell jewelry with pink diamonds, the first thing to do is look for prices separately for each of the materials, since jewelry of sale with pink diamonds but also having gold is not the same as selling jewelry. With pink diamonds and nothing else.

In the same order, you have to document well about the origin and brand of the pink diamond you have, since the price will vary greatly depending on it.

We must also take into account the goldsmith who made the piece because if it is recognized or famed, the price could shoot. Another important aspect is the age of the piece.

Pink diamonds with more than 70 years of work can be tempting for collectors, which can translate into an excellent final treatment.

You have to find the right place to do a valuation

Although at first glance many people see in jewelers the perfect place to sell their clothes or jewelry, nothing is less successful than that. The jewelry is shops that interest them as no other, sell.

That is to say: they are not interested in buying at all. Much less will interest them in buying at the real price, so if they decide to buy a pink diamond will be because the owner accepted a value well below the price of the second-hand market. That is, much less than what should be fair.

The best places to perform appraisals are in companies of experts in the field. At the end of this article, one of the companies with the highest reputation in the market is mentioned.

If you do not have much knowledge about it, you can always contact the Gemological Institute to request more information about accredited places to which you can go.

pink diamonds

Overcome the initial temptations

This advice that seems to escape from any other branch, except the market for the sale of pink diamonds, was never more prosperous than now.

When selling pink diamonds, especially when selling old pink diamonds, it is reasonable to be attracted by the first offer that is made about your jewel.

It is possible that selling antique brilliant cut pink diamonds is something that makes someone who needs money. However, that cannot be a total origin to sell old brilliant cut pink diamonds at the first price that comes out, to the first bidder that comes out, to the first offer that is made.

As if selling anything else, analyzing different budgets is part of the negotiation. A proper pink diamond suitor will not be lacking, and the patience to find the best offer is key.

Safety and risk reduction

What is the first thing that someone who is going to sell a pink diamond thinks? In your safety and in the risk of scams or thefts that are around such negotiations.

And they are not conjectures and ill-intentioned prejudices. It occurs in all places and markets and occurs most frequently in the market for precious stones and jewelry, where high value translates into a high risk.

Therefore, to sell safely and receive exactly what it deserves, the advice on who to sell it to becomes recurrent: to do so only through reputable professionals.

At all times. It does not matter at all if you need to pay a processing fee or something else. The personal security and the integrity of the jewel that you want to put on sale are the most important in any situation.

Always sell, never pawn

As liquidity needs push to make poor decisions, here is advice tailored to those decisions.

When you think about selling a jewel to solve money problems, and the negotiation is taking a little or buyers do not appear, the pieces are regularly delivered in pawn shops to get the capital quickly.

However, the interest payments for the loan plus the own amount of the loaned capital make that it is paid each month for a jewel that, in theory, is his property. It is twice as expensive, and you will incur a debt equal to or greater than you wanted to leave.

Therefore, if money is needed and you know that it is a pink diamond that will be sold, you have to sell it, never pawn it.

Trust accredited professionals for appraisal and sale

Best of all, Argyle Diamond Investments offer an unprecedented level of security for the customer. As the sale of pink diamonds is a job that could come up with the term “high risk,” it is better to be prepared and rely only on accredited professionals with a reputation in the local and international market for the purchase, sale and appraisal of pieces of pink diamonds and other jewelry.

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