Why Wine Wedding Is The Ideal Gift To Give

Wine Wedding

The wedding day of a couple is, on many occasions, the most important of their lives. It is a date that marks a before and after at all levels, and to celebrate it requires great planning so that it is an unforgettable event for all attendees. 

The details of a wine wedding are innumerable: the bride’s dress, the choice of restaurant and menu, the invitations, the placement of the diners at the banquet, and the gifts for the wedding guests, among many other details.

Wine Wedding

For many years one of the most common gifts offered to guests was cigars, generally for men, and a packet of tobacco for women (as well as a fan, figurine, or the like).

Today this is obsolete; firstly because fewer and fewer people smoke, and secondly because smoking is prohibited in restaurants, so it cannot be used on site. In general, it is a gift that is worse seen.

However, a wine wedding gift is a current trend as a token of appreciation to guests. Almost everyone loves wine and, in addition to the detail, what is provided is an experience so that after the wedding the guests can enjoy the taste of the wine wedding and the memories of the banquet.

Reasons why wine wedding is the ideal gift for guests

Wine Wedding

A wine wedding gift is a practical, elegant, and exquisite detail. Wine has “cachet”, it always has and always will have it, and it raises the level of any event.

Although there are still very traditional weddings in which classic details are still being given away, more and more are being given more practical and unisex presents, such as wine wedding bottles.

Times have changed, in general for the better, and marking the differences between men and women is not a good idea, and can even cause some anger. The truth is that, since wine wedding exists in detail, it is not worth getting complicated with ideas that can be compromised.

A good bottle of wine wedding is the best way to prolong the wedding experience, the good feelings, and vibrations of the wedding day, through the pleasure of savoring it.

Wine wedding generates a series of emotions through our mind and our senses, its aroma, and flavor make us rise above ourselves and travel to the most welcoming places that our minds keep.

In addition, it is a fundamental drink at a wedding reception. Now you can choose the best delicacies for the menu, as the choice of wine is inappropriate, the feast will be a failure.

Currently, there are many wineries that offer wedding banquets on their estates, including among their services the customization of wine wedding bottles for wedding gifts, with the possibility of choosing different denominations of origin and wine brands.

On many occasions these personalized bottles are offered in elegant cases that provide a different touch to the detail as a whole.

What wine wedding can be the most successful to give as gifts

Wine Wedding

On many occasions, the bride and groom resort to giving miniature bottles of wine wedding detail. However, the standard 75-centiliter bottles are better received and have greater advantages. Let’s see some of them:

A wine wedding in cheaper price

Although miniature bottles may seem cheaper in principle, the truth is that the quantity-price ratio is extremely favorable for standard bottles

Properties and qualities of wine wedding

Standard size wine bottles retain their qualities better than miniature bottles.

A 75 cl bottle accepts temperature changes better than smaller ones. The loss of its organoleptic qualities is minor and occurs in a slower way.

Better to enjoy them in company

Wine Wedding

If the guest to whom you have given the bottle of wine as a wedding gift wants to enjoy it later at a meal or dinner with his family or friends, it is appropriate to have it in a standard size. A miniature bottle of wine can only be enjoyed in solitude.

Finally, when choosing the DO for the bottles, it is always important to choose a prestigious one, and if possible it is from the land where the wedding is celebrated or from which the bride and groom are originally from you will have turned your wedding into an unforgettable day for your guests.

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