Physiotherapy and stress


It is undeniable that due to the lifestyle We are in a hurry, work anxiety, economic situation … stress is a reality of today’s society. – Transcend Health Physiotherapy Clinics.

What is stress?

It is a non-specific response of the organism to stimuli that can be potentially dangerous for him. It occurs in both positive and negative conditions.

It is an adaptive process that sets in motion a series of fundamental emergency mechanisms for the “survival of the individual” that prepare him for an immediate motor activity, either attack or flight, regulated by the autonomic nervous system.

This can become negative when the demands of the stressful situation overflow our own resources, because they remain in time and the body does not recover its normal activation levels.

In short, stress has a positive and necessary side for activation and motivation for action; and another negative, that of harmful stress that breaks the balance of the organism.


How can we help from physiotherapy to improve this negative stress?

Go ahead say that the best professional for the Physiotherapy treatment of stress when it becomes a Physiotherapy is the psychologist. Knowing how to refer other Physiotherapy professionals (both health and other) is one of the virtues that every Transcend Health physiotherapist should have in our point of view.

It should be noted the close relationship between pain and stress. Pain can be a consequence of stress, but also a stress or of the most important. Given the importance of pain treatment for all Physiotherapy professionals, this is where our patients can benefit from what the stress is.

It seems that, among the infinity of Physiotherapy therapies that we apply for the treatment of our patients, there are two that have a very positive influence on the control of stress: exercise and manual therapy.

Aerobic physical exercise is the great anti-stress tool due to its influence on the autonomic nervous system. With it we get charged with energy and relax our body. So, a good routine guided by the Physiotherapy professionals, contributes to the improvement of the patient both physically and psychologically.

On the other hand, no one doubts the psychological and social benefits of physical contact, that is, of treatments such as manual therapy and more specifically massage therapy.

With it we act directly on the body, promoting relaxation and eliminating the feeling of stress that produces stress, among its many other effects.


We conclude always advising that, if we feel stressed, do not hesitate to consult with a psychologist to know how to control it. And that physiotherapy, by its characteristics of attention and direct physiotherapy treatment with the patient, improves the feeling of well-being and quality of life of these, and with it we get back the balance that we lose when stress becomes routine.

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