Aspects of home automation at home that will help you

home automation

4 aspects of home automation at home that will help you familiarize yourself with the subject

It could happen that one day you heard about the term home automation, but do we really know its meaning or the relationship that automation has within the home?

In this article we want to tell you how home automation is applied to everyday life, through these 4 aspects that will help you become familiar with or learn about the topic related to home automation.

home automation

What do we understand by smart home automation?


Smart homes are those that have advanced automation systems that allow us to have complete or partial control of any of the functions of the house.

They can control the temperature of the home, multimedia and entertainment devices, enhance our safety and that of our family.

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Home automation inside the house allows us to increase comfort and well-being.

However, the advancement of technology and domestic processes are so rapid that it is already possible that houses are beginning to adjust and adapt to the inhabitant himself.

Home automation can help you a lot to improve the quality of life of, not just a “standard” family.

It can also help people with mobility problems, with physical or cognitive disabilities or older people who want to live independently.

When can we say that there is home automation in the home?

A home is truly intelligent when its integrated computer systems are capable of managing, controlling and monitoring the most everyday aspects of the daily life of its residents.

Such is the example of smart appliances that, thanks to their skills, are capable of offering domestic advantages that we cannot find in common appliances.

smart home

Smart appliances

A good example is found in smart refrigerators, they are the ones that can tell you, from now on, what is missing in your fridge, based on an inventory, which it makes and manages. They can even recommend healthy menus or shopping lists to save time and improve your health.

The examples that we find are multiple and fulfill the simplest and most complex tasks.

They can secure your home through alert devices that prevent theft or fire.

They can also help you through simple intelligent systems, through tasks as basic as boxes of litter for cats with automatic cleaning mechanisms.

Also with coffee makers that prepare your coffee first thing in the morning or self-managed watering so you never forget your plants.

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Only with two aspects can your home be smart

  • In the first place, sensors, actuators and devices that obey orders and give us data on the current state of our home
  • The second, tools and protocols that allow these devices to communicate with each other regardless of the brand and manufacturer.

Where does the idea of ​​Smart homes come from?

A little fiction

“Reality surpasses fiction” is a set phrase that is very accurate when we talk about home automation.

Many are the filmmakers who have ventured with stories of impossible homes who lose control by being “extremely intelligent.”

What in 1999 was only a movie titled “Smart Home” is now a reality that is real enough that you can implement it in your own home.

Technology has managed to materialize and turn all those futuristic wishes into useful and essential pieces within the home, which help and improve people’s quality of life.

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Internet of things integrated with home automation

Thanks to the internet of things, we can now have a house with almost no useless cables that hinder our mobility and aesthetics.

Everything is connected to the network and from an application you can send specific orders to the different parts of the house.

It seems that something so sophisticated and advanced is going to be unattainable, right?

The truth is that we live in a good time for home automation since the prices and possibilities are so affordable that they can be implemented in any home.

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You can buy entire systems or you can start little by little to implement easy-to-use remote control devices, to grow in investment and improve your home progressively.

The evolution of automation or home automation in the home

As technology advances and smart homes evolve, the terminology we use to describe them does too.

Typically, home automation and home technology have been the gestating terms of this process.

The word home automation has been derived from them and literally means home robotics and encompasses all types of smart home technologies, from the most complex to the simplest.

This is just a simple curiosity that warns us of the speed and immediacy of technological progress in relation to the home.

What once was only a dream has become today, it is a reality that does not slow down and that advances by leaps and bounds.

If you are interested in automating your home, we can advise you with our team of expert engineers to design the best home automation plan to achieve your smart home.

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