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Roof Restoration price in 2020

How much does the Restoration of a roof cost? What is the price per m2 for a partial or total Restoration of the roof? What are the grants to finance a roof restoration? We try to answer all your questions.

When should the roof be renovated?

Any roof, whatever it is, must be subject to a first verification 10 years after its installation. This consists roof restoration of examining her condition and ensuring that she is still able to fulfill her role, namely putting the house out of the water and out of the air. If no serious deterioration is noted at this time, an annual diagnosis should be recommended.

These indications are however only measures of prudence, if the following few signs are noted, the roof must be repaired as soon as possible:

  • The tiles are not in place or the cover takes off;
  • The cover shows marks of cracks and rust;
  • The cover broke;
  • The ceiling and walls reveal stains of humidity or mold.

The list is not exhaustive. It is just important to understand that the roof wears out over time and the roof restoration more it is damaged, the more its Restoration is imperative in order to avoid possible infiltration and reduce the risk of collapse due to the weakening of its structure.

Price per m2 of roof Restoration

The cost of a roof Restoration varies according to 4 criteria: the condition of the roof, the professional engaged, the nature and extent of the work to be carried out. It can thus go up to 800 euros per m2, including supplies and labor , depending on the operations to be carried out as indicated in the summary below:

Roof covering restoration price

The cover is what protects the house from the weather. Its durability depends on the materials which constitute it, and therefore, whatever its constituent material, it will always end up bending. At this time, it must be renewed in part or in whole depending on the degree of its deterioration.
The price of renovating a roof covering varies according to its nature. It is estimated between 10 and 300 euros per m2, including supplies and labor :

  • 20 to 30 euros / m2 for wood, it all depends on the species chosen (shingle or solid wood);
  • 20 to 45 euros / m2 for steel and 45 to 150 euros for zinc;
  • 50 to 75 € for synthetic slate and 80 to 150 euros / m2 for natural slate;
  • 45 to 50 euros / m2 for terracotta tiles and 25 to 30 euros / m2 for concrete tiles;
  • 120 to 150 euros / m2 for thatch;
  • 10 to 15 euros / m2 for shingle;
  • 30 to 40 euros for PVC;
  • 20 to 60 euros / m2 for extensive green roofs, 60 to 120 euros / m2 if semi-extensive and 120 to 300 euros / m2 if intensive;
  • 900 to 2,000 euros per m2 for a photovoltaic tile roof.

Restoration price for the insulation of a roof.

The Restoration of the roof must necessarily go through the Restoration of its insulation, especially if it is made of metal or zinc.

The insulation of a roof can be done either from the inside if the available space allows, or from the outside, but in this case, it will be more expensive. Regarding roof restoration the choice of insulation (plant, mineral, synthetic or animal), account must be taken of its coefficient of thermal resistance (R). The higher it is, the better the insulation capacity.

The price of a roof insulation is estimated between 20 and 40 euros / m2 if it is done by lost roof spaces, between 50 and 60 euros if it is done by arranged roof spaces, between 120 and 170 euros / m2 if it is done from the outside. These prices include supplies and installation.

Restoration price for waterproofing a roof.

The waterproofing of the roof is also an essential element which guarantees its performance. After touching the roof and its insulation, it is necessary to make sure that the whole is well sealed, otherwise the entire Restoration would have been for nothing.

The price of the roof waterproofing renewal varies between 30 and 110 euros per m2, supplies and installation included , depending on the method chosen: 30 to 50 euros per m2 if a single layer of bitumen, 70 to 110 euros per m2 if two layers bitumen and 0.7 to 20 euros per m2 if the roofing screen.

Framework Restoration price.

When examining the roof, if it is found that the frame is also damaged, it will have to be redone, in part or in whole depending on its condition.
The price of a frame Restoration is evaluated between 100 and 200 euros / m2, supplies and installation included , depending on its nature: wood, concrete or metal and industrial or traditional. If the frame is wooden, do not forget to treat it with a water repellent and fungicide to protect it from moisture and wood-boring insects.

Aid for financing a roof Restoration.

Financial aid can be obtained, in particular in terms of insulation due to its considerable contribution to the reduction of energy consumption, and therefore to respect for the environment: the 0-rate eco-loan and the credit tax on sustainable development.

The 0-rate eco-loan, as its name suggests, is a loan that can be obtained without having to repay interest. It applies to all work aimed at improving the energy performance of housing.

As for the sustainable development tax credit, it is a tax reduction capped at 150 euros per m2 which applies to operations to improve the insulation of the home. To obtain it, some conditions such as the nature and quality of the insulation must be fulfilled.

Roof Restoration obligations.

Roof Restoration works must be declared to the town hall. In the case of a raised roof or a radical change in its appearance, a building permit is required. All this is necessary so that the operations carried out are in line with the standards in force in the municipality or in the region.

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